Dear Members,

It is almost hard to believe that we are entering 2022. As 2021 comes to an end, we want to take a moment to thank you for your support. When we reflect on the last year, we remember the challenges we faced and our ability to overcome them – together. Two years ago, we began the new year with many hopes for our organization. We had just renovated and expanded our building, and had a full calendar of fundraising events planned. Our excitement was short lived, as we all transitioned to a state of lockdown during the pandemic. Not only did we fear for the sustainability of our organization, we feared for you – our friends, our members.

The Social of Greenwood has always been a place full of life and laughter, existing solely to provide a haven for socialization and community involvement. At the start of 2021, our only goal was to bring you back into The Social, quickly and (most importantly) safely. As the vaccine rolled out, so did our hope. Our Food Pantry continued to combat food insecurity, and with the help of other community organizations and businesses holding food drives, we were able to serve thousands during the last year. Our Rock Steady Boxing program restarted, allowing our boxers the important exercise therapy to fight back against their Parkinson’s diagnosis. We slowly transitioned our general programming back this Summer and have proudly continued serving seniors within our community. The Social is once again full of the people who make us who and what we are.

While we may reflect on the year behind us, we are focused on the great work ahead of us. As we look to the future and to what 2022 will bring, we want to share with you our vision and plan for the continued success of The Social. As we did in 2021, we aim to bring further educational opportunities to our members, increasing and broadening knowledge. After so much time apart, we will focus on member engagement – bringing unique and fun experiences to The Social on a monthly basis. Aside from our daily programming, The Social will host six fundraising events in 2022. These integral events, including our Purse Bingo, Senior Expo and the Holiday Craft & Gift Show, contribute to nearly 45% of our annual revenue. We encourage you to stay engaged, and hope you’ll show your support by joining us!

Thank you for your ongoing support and best wishes for a joyful new year!