Unfortunately, ONLY those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s can participate in Rock Steady Boxing,  a similar disease will not qualify you for Rock Steady Boxing at this time.

How To Get Involved:

We offer two different levels of classes to accommodate varying degrees of Parkinson’s Disease. Every exercise can be modified for an individual’s ability. All classes are unique in exercises and creativity, but every class includes the “FUN FACTOR” and camaraderie.

If you’d like to observe a class for yourself or a family member, feel free to come on in and see what Rock Steady Boxing is all about before joining! Please contact Ashley Koval for more information at ashley@thesocialofgreenwood.org 

If you are interested in joining you must complete a 30-minute individual assessment with our instructors as well as receive a medical release from your physician prior to participating in your first class.

At Rock Steady Boxing, the spouses of our boxers are called “cornermen” and “cornerwomen”. Our coaches encourage them to be present during class and assist the coaches and their own boxers if needed. This participation by a loved one can increase the boxer’s morale.